Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey classmates and professor!! I never dreamed of having my own blog account...this is actually pretty weird to me and I'm pretty literate on computer using. I just never thought I needed a blog account. Anyway, can our next project be on Facebook? I love that place. Lol!! to you all soon!


  1. Life is extremely challenging right now. I am managing a store that just opened and I am raising two kids and a And, amidst all this, I am trying to keep up with my school work. This is becoming a struggle that I did not expect, nor anticipate. Any thoughts on how to keep up with it all??

  2. Hi Chrissy, I'm also a manager in the food business, a mom of two.. I mean three (husband included), and I love facebook games. Life is defintitely a challenge, but I use planners, schedules, and sometimes ask for help from family members, co-workers and friends. The asking for help was hard for me because I like to do things alone, but I guess everybody needs somebody. I hope I helped you a little. :)